The Pilgrim who trained her Monkey

We all sometimes face big life questions: Who am I? Where do I want to go in life? How do I make the right decisions?

Amidst the wonderful scenery of the Wicklow Mountains, Marie ponders upon these questions. Between mountains, green meadows and blue mountain lakes, Marie engages in life conversations, while she encounters sheep, unusual people and a monkey that has to be kept in check. Based on neuroscience, Marie learns about what it takes to courageously take your life in your own hands to get the most out of it.

Three days that changed Marie’s life forever – lovingly illustrated by the author.

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This is what our readers report

Brilliant Book, a must read!
Dr. K. has a great way of explaining the brain, our thoughts and the monkey to help us understand
why we do the things we do and how we can change our thinking. Excellent Read!

Brinn Tomes

I loved this story!
This book inspired me to be more true to myself and to start hiking! It is fantastic to understand how
our brain works and how we can manage our own thoughts. This was a real eye-opener!


Fascinating journey with long-lasting effects!
This sweet, beautiful story is inspiring! It made me reflect on life and makes me understand how I
can influence my own life quality. I loved the science explained in an easy way, which helped me to
know why and how I can make changes in my life happen. Fascinating!

Reader from Thalia

Terrific insights, must read!
I have been looking for a book to dive a little deeper into neuroscience as a non scientist and I am so
glad I found it. I will be recommending it a lot.

Carlos Athie

Neuroscience in a hands-on way – very helpful and great to read
Karolien has the perfect way of describing science topics in an easy to understand way. Top book and
a joy to read!

Bettina H.

Train your inner monkey
Fascinating to read. If you look closely, you may find the solutions for everything inside yourself!

Furkan C.

Great storyline and book
If you want to learn about your brain, how to unblock it for new potential and an approach how to
find out who you are, while hiking in a beautiful scenery, this is your book