Personality in our brain

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The neuroscience of who we are and how to improve the relationship to ourselves and others

Before starting this course, I recommend you to first finish the “Hack your brain” or “Unlock your wise and mindful brain“.

The question of who we are is one of the most frequently posed question of human kind. This is the focus of this course. This course will focus on gaining a deeper understanding about who you are by shedding light on why we feel what we feel – and why we do what we do. This question will be addressed from a neuroscientific point of view.

In the first part of this course, you will gain insights into the processes that drive our decisions. Each decision we take is driven by a fast decision process, which is often called the more emotional part of our decision. Besides this fast process, our decisions are also influenced by a slower process, often referred to as the more rational part of our decision. Based on theory and practice, you will learn about the different brain structures that are related to these different processes. As these brain structures all operate in a particular manner, it will be explained which factors influence these structures and how we can actively steer our own decisions.

Our decision process is closely related to our personality, which is the topic of the second part of this course. In this part, we will focus on the emotional part of our decision process and how this is related to our unique personality. The emotions that drive us are a result of our unique personality. You will be introduced into one of the most widely accepted and researched biopsychological personality theories. Insights will be given into how our personality traits are anchored in the brain and how they influence our motivations, decisions and behaviors. These insights will be used to take it one step further: How can I deal with unwanted emotions that block me in reaching my own life goals. In this context, practice and mindfulness will play a central role. It will be shown how mindfulness can help you flourish in your uniqueness and walk your own life path.

This course contains exercises where you are invited to close your eyes. Only engage in these exercises when you can safely close your eyes and your attention is not required elsewhere. Please do not conduct these exercises while driving your car or operating machinery.

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